Irish coffee – secrets recipes

Irish coffee – the real flavor of Ireland

Probably as there are countries, there are so many ways to brew coffee. While some regions have two or three versions of his “national” coference. Le café, French, Italian, Russian, Viennese…you can list variations on the theme of black refreshing drink for a very long time. Each of the drinks is not only the ingredients and taste parameters, but also the way of cooking, serving and even purpose. So, café

alarusse, which is added to the vodka, it’s hard to call a morning drink, and an Italian espresso it is hardly necessary to drink in the afternoon, especially for those who suffer from insomnia.


There are even these kinds coveringof that by the number of ingredients and Goodies can be safely attributed to dessert or cocktail, such as Irish coffee. This is the kind of drink even Wikipedia refers to as “detachment cocktail”, and perhaps that makes some sense. By the way, Larry Niven in his novel “the Fourth profession” called the Irish coffee problem, or rather a troublesome drink, to cook and need special products, and special packaging, and special skills. But, in spite of such “complexity” Irish drink is great reverence for those who prefer drinks with exquisite taste and no less elegant appearance.

What kind of Goodies?

Lecafé irlandais, or how it is called connoisseurs of Irish coffee is not just invigorating drink, is a cocktail consisting of:

Irish whiskey (well what “Irish” can be without strong national);


hot strong black coffee;

thick clouds of whipped cream.

The merits of this “drink” a lot, and taste they are not limited. First of all, this luxurious appearance and amazingly delicious cocktail was created as the perfect remedy of melancholy and coldness that permeates the winter evenings of the Irish coast.

In 1942, due to bad weather conditions at the airport of Pains (located in Ireland) had cancelled all flights. The hapless passengers were forced to remain not just in expectation, but in the cold waiting, wrapped in all the clothes that were at hand. A Sheridan (the bartender working that night) decided to alleviate the plight of weary waiting and cold city, and were treated to their signature cocktail, consisting of whisky and cream. To the question “what is this extravagance, which everyone liked, the bartender replied that it Irishcoffee. So in the world became one more delicious recipe. By the way, the story of the “Irish” are not fictional, and confirmation of its accuracy is a plaque at the airport of Foisa. And the recipe written in the form of artworks:

“the thick Irish accent cream, on top of strong hands other coffee mixed with sweet as speech cheater sugar and flavored with virgin as the promised land of whiskey”

History of the creation of a new coffee cocktail, the recipe became known to the world thanks to Mr. Delpiano (reporter from USA), who was among the passengers on the cancelled flight.

Distinctive features of Irish drink

Irishcocteil distinguished not only by their composition, the recipe of which you can find on the net, and serving. Le café irlandais – it is a work of art that is so beautiful that it is a pity to destroy.

For cooking and serving Irish coffee cocktail use a special clear glass features a short stem and have a small handle. These “structural” features dishes allow and don’t get burned and thus to maintain the desired temperature required for the preparation of the drink. Before you cook Irish coffee, a glass should be heated using hot water. By the way, despite the fact that this glass is perfect for Irish coffee, it was originally a beer glass. Just in the distant 1942. when it was time to cook at le café irlandais for passengers, the bartender was not at the hands of another container.

By the way, among all the classic cocktails, the Irish one, which includes coffee. In addition, it is the only warming drink, the preparation of which was approved by the IBA and which is made to map bartenders Association. And finally, this is such a popular drink in Buena Vista it sell hundreds of thousands of servings every year!

The secrets of cooking

Despite the fact that the recipe is a unique drink with whiskey and coffee can be found in the network, and the means of jewelry to look at pics, there are some subtleties, which the layman may not know:

use brown sugar instead of white;

to use normal cream instead of whipped, etc.

But the classic Irish coffee recipe, which by the way, has the status of an official and recognized by the international bartenders Association includes:

real Irish whiskey (no substitutes). Ideally, this Jamesonor Bushmills, of which one portion should 40ml.;

hot coffee, black, strong (80ml.);

white sugar (1 tsp);

whipped cream (30ml.).

The algorithm of cooking Irish cocktail is simple and concise, although looking at the end result not to say. To prepare lecafé irlandais need:

Warm up the glass;

Pour the pre-cooked крепкийcoffee. It is preferable to prepare coffee in a French press, but if this is not possible – for high quality espresso. Better if it is Arabica medium level of doneness, with specific regard to grade – it depends on personal taste preferences;

Dissolve in the finished product sugar;


Add whiskey, which you can pre-warm up slightly with the help of a cappuccino. Ideally, the whiskey burn together with sugar. Master class in network or video tutorial experienced bartender will help to hold a “burn” whiskey.

To create a cloud of cream, whipped want in a shaker with a small amount of crushed ice. There just is not be amiss to take a master class, as the first time to prepare a beautiful “hat” of cold cream rarely turns out (cream tend to curl from the cold). For putting some cream on top of the drink you can use a bar spoon, which greatly simplify the process;

Enjoy this gourmet Goodies need gulps, NOT stirring the contents.

Variations on the theme of Irish

For half a century of its existence, this super popular drink is not something that has changed, no, its a classic recipe remains the same. But in the world of cocktails and coveringof there were varieties such as:

Irish cream, which is whiskey add the famous Irish Baileys (cream liqueur). This drink has a more delicate and smooth taste;

café irlandais European was designed with the expectation that the majority of Europeans prefer regular coffee with milk or coffee with no whipped cream. Outwardly westernized “Irish” similar to a latte if not for the whiskey that from the recipe, no one withdrew;

Irish gourmet coffee includes vanilla or chocolate, cocoa, or cinnamon;

for non-drinking fans of the black invigorating drink, whisky or liqueur, you can substitute butter syrup.

But for those who want to learn how to cook all kinds lecafé irlandais in Pains (drink at home) annually on July 19, organise the festival, which is attended by the best bartenders and Amateurs to experiment. Every year at the festival there are at least two or three brand new original recipe, which has all chances to be the same Pets lovers of soft drinks, like their classical ancestors. Each participant can make his version of the cocktail.

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