Coffee with cookies

Coffee with cookies

Making coffee in the hundreds. Why not just combine the coffee taste and aroma: spices, seasonings, toppings, sweets. There are also some very unusual recipes. Coffee with cookies, for example, is much more reminiscent of the original dessert than traditional coffee drink. It will appeal to anyone who likes to experiment and is partial to dense, buttery taste of Oriental sweets. Today we will try to make coffee with cookies, but at the same time, will open some secrets of professional baristas who have long mastered this recipe.

Recipe coffee with cookies

In order to make coffee with cookies, we will need the following ingredients:

Halvah . One small Cup will be enough for 50 grams. If you cook a large portion, you can take 100 grams.

Cream or milk . ½ Cup or about 100 grams.

Ground coffee . 2 teaspoons per serving.

Recipe coffee with cookies not too complex. Let’s start with training. Halva mash into fine crumbs. This is best done by hand, at least – with a fork. Mechanical grinders of various kinds here will be useless as halva – a product with high content of fat, and under the action of the blender, it is not loosened, but rather strays into a dense mass.

Heat the cooked cream and milk but do not bring them to a boil, otherwise you’ll have to remove the formed foam.

Shredded halva, place in a tall container, pour the hot cream or milk. The resulting mixture whisk. Here at this stage and may even need to use a blender.

Advice from a Barista

At this stage in the mixture, you can add the syrup to enhance the flavour. Goes well with a drink raspberry or strawberry topping. Lovers of chocolate flavors can replace the syrup with a few squares of melted Goodies. It will give the drink a deep and bright taste.

Cook regular black coffee in your favorite recipe. In our example, we used a Turk, but an espresso machine or other product electric coffee makers also are suitable.

Pour coffee mixture into the prepared. Let settle a few minutes, and can spill the drink cups. Your coffee with halva is ready.

Advice from a Barista

This cocktail is very delicious eaten cold. If you want to enjoy them on a hot day, the cream and the milk does not heat, use chilled. Brewed coffee, let it cool before mixing with butter mixture. In ready to drink throw a few ice cubes. For topping try mint or lemon syrup, it will give the dessert a nice refreshing.

Who likes coffee with cookies?

Fans of dense, creamy, sweet flavors, as well as fans of Oriental sweets.

Please note that when filling halva crumbs with hot milk or cream, it reveals your taste brighter. Keep this in mind when choosing halva for your drink. Use only fresh product. Stale halva will give the drink an unpleasant aroma.

Those who follow the figure, and count calories, you should be aware that halva – the product of fatty, high calorie. Therefore, in pursuit of a slim waist, use tahini halva. It has less percentage of fats, and calories less. Cream substitute skim milk.

With all the recommendations you can easily prepare this thick, sweet, slightly buttery drink that will add strength and warm up, cheer up and even satisfy your hunger. This cocktail is well suited for a bachelorette party or friendly get-togethers. It is not too hot, and it can serve in tall glasses with straws.

By the way, I should warn you that the sweet aroma of coffee with halva can see anyone, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly discover at the table unexpected guests.

Enjoy every Cup of coffee and every minute of your life!

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