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How to brew coffee in Crimea Temiz cave and features of the culture of drinking

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How to brew coffee in Crimea? Black coffee “Temiz Kahve”, translated into Russian language means “pure” national culture of drinking.

Method: coffee in Turku

Category of recipe: black coffee


coffee beans

refined sugar

hot boiled water

Having reviewed many recipes for various coffee drinks, talk, how to brew coffee in Crimea . Black coffee «Temiz Kaveh», a phrase meaning translated from the Crimean Tatar language to Russian language, «clean».

In order to get a Crimean coffee, you must follow some rules. So, consistent steps, how to brew coffee in Crimea.

1. Coffee bean a good grind in a coffee grinder, immediately prior to consumption, at the rate of one teaspoon per coffee Cup and pour boiling water in the cezve.

2. Put Turku on extremely low heat and do not in any way give the drink to boil. As soon as the foam will rise, immediately remove from heat and pour into Cup.

3. In this coffee is not put sugar and served separately as a pre-divided into 4 parts, a piece of lump sugar.

The culture of drinking:

Black coffee in Crimea-Temiz Kaveh – drink offered here exclusively by prescription. The first SIP do sugar, then take one of the pieces, pre-cooked sugar and drink coffee in small SIPS until the sugar melts in the mouth. Subsequent SIP do again without sugar and then repeat the same steps.

The fact that this method allows you to create a special contrast improves the taste and freshness of taste. I hope connoisseurs will appreciate this way of drinking coffee.

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