Espresso how to brew

“Espresso” or “espresso”

To begin with, that the name of this coffee “espresso”, and variations such as “espresso” is totally inappropriate. But unfortunately, this error is very common. So first of all, you need to remember that “espresso” – it is originally an Italian word that can be translated as quick or pressed.

Also it should be noted that the majority served in the cafe drinks is coffee. Often is ordinary instant chemistry that brewed regular boiling water.

And believe me, this drink will bring you no pleasure, no favor. As for the traditional recipe, with all the intricacies of this coffee is not only delicious, but also will not harm your body. What harm can coffee, you ask.

Because many people drink it several times a day, and yet no one died. But if you read the studies on the composition of coffee drinks, then you will know about the presence in the composition of grains of heavy metals that remain in the coffee grounds, if you do it right.

With regard to the validity of cooking, then, as it turned out, in Italy there is an entire Institute that develops standards for the preparation of this absolutely stunning fragrant drink.

What method that meets these standards? And here’s how: to make take 8 grams of ground coffee for espresso and about half a minute pass through it under a pressure of 50 grams of water.

And to know did you a real masterpiece, you need to look at the foam. If it is smooth and dark brown in color, then you did the right thing. But if you don’t have them, then drink you got is not of the best quality.

Rules coffee espresso

If you want to prepare a really tasty coffee drink, then you should follow some rules :

Never Melita coffee beans well before cooking. The most famous Barista, who are masters of their craft always milled grain before cooking them. In this case, awesome smell will not have time to air out and coffee will be more aromatic;

Use coffee beans of excellent quality. This rule is explained very simply: the better the grain, the better will be the mixed drink;

Good coffee cannot be made without the coffee maker. The presence of such a device is required because in any recipe espresso you will read about the need to pass water under pressure, that cannot be done manually.

If you stick to these very simple rules, sooner or later you have excellent coffee drink. Why, sooner or later? Yes, because the quality sometimes does not depend on the prices of coffee machine or coffee beans.

Sometimes the prof the coffee machine for espresso experienced Barista can cook absolutely stunning drink. So in most cases experience. Practice and eventually you will succeed!

Features of grinding coffee for espresso

As we already know that the preparation of the coffee requires the presence of ground coffee beans. How to choose the right grind, which will fully convey all the subtleties of aroma and taste of this amazing drink.

First of all you should choose the coffee very finely. To determine the required consistency is very simple. Take a pinch of coffee powder and RUB between your fingers. If you feel sufficiently large grains, the grinding will not fit, but if you think that brown powder is reminiscent of the sand, then this is exactly what you need.

It is not necessary to buy coffee powder resembling flour. In it for a long time there was no smell, no taste, so the fun of this drink will bring you a little bit.

Ground coffee desired consistency can be done by yourself. Today in stores you can find everything, even manual coffee grinders. This grinder will help you to make your drink unforgettable.

Coffee recipes espresso

Actually the recipe is only one. But if in some cases you suggest adding in coffee milk or any other ingredients, you must understand that it will absolutely not espresso, and, for example, Americano or latte.

So, in a special tray in the coffee pour coffee. A little spressure it using special tools. The main feature of the correctness of espresso is considered to slow the passage of water through the coffee powder.

Although the concept of “slow” is very relative, because the standard portion of the drink is prepared in about half a minute.

Foam have to be a redhead and tight. If you got light, you’ve added a little powder or else he was too coarse.

Wishing to lose weight and is experiencing about the calorie content of the drink, to drink a coffee too. The fact is that it leaves virtually no trace on your figure, as the level of calorie espresso in a standard serving is only 2 Kcal. It’s a bit, you will agree!

As you can see, the recipe espresso simple enough, but don’t forget about the cooking experience such a wonderful drink. Nobody claims that you will succeed the first time.

But if you put a little effort and patience, your coffee each time will get better and better. So learn, and one day you will be able to boast their art to friends and acquaintances.

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