Golden rules of making quality coffee

Golden rules of making quality coffee

Every day the world consumed about 2.25 billion cups of coffee, but whether each of these portions is cooked properly? In order to create a quality coffee beverage, it is necessary to use special equipment or know some of the intricacies of coffee making.

If You want to learn how to create delicious coffee drinks

with a rich taste and rich aroma, remember these Golden rules:

1. To carry out the grinding of the beans immediately before making coffee. The fact that within a few hours after grinding essential oils from the coffee begin to evaporate, causing the finished drink is less fragrant. This means that you should not grind grain in store and more to buy ground coffee . As for grains, they should be stored in a cool, dark place in an airtight container.

2. Water for making coffee should be pure, unboiled, soft and cold . Otherwise, the taste of coffee can be spoiled.

3. To create coffee drinks it is best to use cookware made from materials that do not absorb odors. Suitable vessels of glass, steel, copper or silver . but in any case you cannot use a container made of aluminum and metals are prone to rust. In addition, crockery for coffee should be washed thoroughly to essential oils accumulate on the walls.

4. Observe the proportions . 6-10 grams of ground coffee in 50-70 ml of water. Coffee should be cooked in a pre-heated vessel on low heat until foaming. When boiling remove from heat and add a few drops of cold water.

5. Ready to drink, it is recommended to pour into a warm bowl . If You pre-warm the cups, rinse them with boiling water, the taste and aroma of coffee will be revealed in full.

Adherence to these rules ensures the creation of high quality coffee. Of course, the success largely depends on the experience and skill, but rest assured: follow the instructions, first You can cook a delicious coffee!

If You do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time making coffee drinks, think about buying a coffee machine, which adopts advanced technology to brew coffee. We are glad to present your attention the professional coffee machines Bosch. buying one of them, the question of preparing quality coffee You will disappear once and for all.


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