How to brew coffee in Turku and what coffee to choose

How to brew coffee in Turku

About the benefits and dangers of this drink many argue, however, scientists have proven that coffee consumption in moderation decreases stress and increases efficiency, stimulates thought processes. Cooks came up with a variety of drinks from this tropical fruit of the coffee tree. On sale you can find coffee beans, instant or ground coffee, even decaf. But if you follow the classic recipe, coffee should not pour boiling water, and boil. In this article we will describe how to brew coffee in Turku. After all, even the classic recipe includes a large number of options.


↑ Cook classic coffee

For the preparation of this drink is better to take fresh ground coffee and a nice Turku. The finer the grind, the better the taste of the drink. First, you must put the fire empty Turku to lightly warm up the bottom. It does not overdo it, not to spoil Turku. To warm her up to one minute, not more. Experts claim that it gives coffee is better the aroma. Milled grain poured at the rate of two teaspoons of a hill on a hundred grams of water. Sugar is added to taste. After that Turku poured cold water. It should be poured so that the level was at the narrowest point on the neck of the Turks. With a touch of coffee beans with air will be minimal, so the drink will be the most saturated with the taste and aroma of grains.

Next, Turku should be put on a slow fire. But if there is no time for slow heating of water, can be cooked with high heat. As soon as you feel that on top of the water formed a crust coffee, reduce the heat to minimum and spend the rest of the process on a slow fire.

the Most important task in the preparation of this drink is not to let him escape. After crust appears on the surface will begin to form bubbles around the edges. This begins the process of boiling. When the crust begins to rise, you must remove the pot from the heat so that the integrity of the crust is not broken. But it should be possible to delay the moment removing from heat. This is it, the art of this classic coffee. You need to follow him, and to feel the moment when the drink is ready. Rapid boil, during which generates a lot of air bubbles should not be in the process of making coffee in the Turk. Crust – kind of tube between the air and a drink, if its integrity is violated, will evaporate and the unique taste of properly brewed coffee.

But that’s not all. I think you now know how to brew coffee in Turku? Not quite. When the Turk is removed from the heat, wait until the crust settles, and again to repeat the process once or twice. Then gently tap the Turk on the table to donkey coffee, and add half a teaspoon of cold water (to speed up the process of settling down). Only after that the coffee is ready. But you also need to properly submit it.

↑ How to serve coffee?

the coffee beverage is poured into a well-heated cups. They are boiling water all the time, while brewed coffee. If a Cup is not warm, the coffee cools down almost instantly. The top should be foam color hazelnut, homogeneous and very fragrant. The Cup should get a mixture of coffee, foam and kofeina. By the way, in the East the foam valued very high, and if the visitor has submitted the coffee without foam, this can be regarded as an insult.

you should Not drink coffee immediately. It should stand up in the Cup a couple of minutes to copeinca settled to the bottom. If you start to drink coffee before, grinds, which has not had time to settle, get into the mouth. Not very nice.

↑ Coffee in the Turk – what it is and how to cook

drip coffee Turk called “Turkish coffee”. This is a concentrated beverage made from coffee beans, sugar and water. Sugar, by the way, plays an important role in its preparation. Some people think that it can be added right into a Cup, rather than in Turku. This is wrong. Sugar softens the taste of coffee in the cooking process. When brewing coffee in Turku sugar syrup remains at the bottom, and the coffee particles rise to the top. In the middle of the Turks is water.

the cooking Process is quick brew small coffee crumbs in the water. If coffee is digesting, it will be sour and very bitter.

” the foam is formed?

to make coffee in the East in Turku, grain is milled very finely. This is why coffee is brewed quickly with the formation of foam. By heating the air that is dissolved in water, is allocated to the tiny particles of coffee. They are centres of origin of barely noticeable bubbles of foam. They quickly separated from the places of birth, rush upwards and form a foam at the top. This continues as long as the temperature allows to form a couple.

Why have to add sugar?

there are a couple of reasons. First, the sugar until cooked coffee dissolves completely. If you add it to cups, you will have to stir. Because of this, particles of coffee will be a long time to settle, and the drink cool. Secondly, coffee with sugar cooking easier. After all, sugar syrup, which is formed at the bottom of the Turks, poor conductor of heat. If not for it, bubbles would be formed longer boiling would be more intensive, and thus would decrease the cooking time for a coffee it stops together with the boiling. Thirdly, the sugar keeps the drink the foam. She better kept, if sugar is added before the coffee to brew.

↑ How to brew coffee in Turku: the optimal time

This time be a connoisseur of coffee is determined by trial and error. For different Turks and for different amounts of coffee you need different times. I can only say that cooking should not be continued too long, and too little. If the coffee isn’t enough, in the Cup will float suspended particles that do not settle to the bottom. This is because the adsorbed air is not separated completely.

experience shows that the time of boiling coffee in Turku the more than most coffee is prepared. Specialists say that you should not cook large portions immediately. For cooking in Turka enough of one to three cups of water. If we brew a big pot of coffee, the risk to digest it. You have to increase the cooking time and the number of lifts of foam that the air is separated and copeinca population at the bottom. In the coffee made a big dose, do not swim to the settling of particles. But the taste of the coffee is normal, and many of these particles even like.

If boil in ibrik large portion of time was needed to match the intensity of heat and the number of approaches.

↑ How to choose coffee for the Turks?

when Choosing coffee in a cezve, do not pay attention to trademarks and trade names – they strongly do not matter. Coffee beans in stores is sold with the marking of the country of manufacture. Experts advise not to buy Indonesian and Indian coffee. Prefer beans from Central America (Costa Rica, Kenya, Colombia).

do Not buy dry fruits with mild flavor. There is a strong likelihood that they are old. Please note that it was not mold. Invalid and chipped grain. The seeds must be of the same size and color.

with regard to class, it is best to take the Arabica. This coffee is best suited for the Turks. Arabica oily in appearance, large and oblong. For lovers of strong coffee experts advise Robusta. This round small grains. Mix them in half with Arabica or add a third of Robusta to two thirds of Arabica. Then the drink will be particularly fragrant. You a pleasant time with a Cup of your favorite coffee!

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