How to brew coffee in Turku I boil takimi ways

Coffee in Turku, how to cook?

Probably not many of us realize that our planet coffee people much more than others …addicts together. And every fan is looking for his own good coffee. Best choice – to brew tasty coffee in the Turk himself. This is verified by millions of admirers of the coffee beverage. The only problem is that our taste buds quickly. This is why we are constantly looking for the most delicious coffee. Not necessary to change your coffee to which you

are accustomed. Slightly change the recipe – here’s a new tasty drink. So I decided to tell You how to brew coffee in Turku.

A few tips on how to brew coffee in Turku

Recipes coffee in Turku

Actually recipes, or technologies not so much, but supplements are a dime a dozen. Who is vanilla, and the cinnamon adds, who is ginger, and some pepper in black like coffee. It’s a matter of taste .

Turkish coffee

Brewed only in Turka. Pitch the grain into a fine powder. One and a half spoons of coffee in a small Cup usually put in Turku and pour cold water, mix well. Put to cook on a very small fire. As soon as you begin to appear on the surface of the foam will rise to the bottleneck in galuske, move the pot. So repeat 2 more times. After cooking let the coffee get a little rest. Sugar can be added at the beginning or directly in the Cup.

Arabian coffee

Finely ground coffee at the rate of 2 teaspoons of coffee with slide 3 teaspoons of sugar and 2 cups of water. Mixed sugar and coffee to warm up in a pot on the fire, cover with cold water and simmer for three times boiling.

Italian coffee

2 teaspoons coffee take 1 Cup milk and sugar, 2 slices per Cup. Coffee pour cold milk and put on fire, boil a long time on very low heat. Bring to the boil and remove. Sugar is served a bit of sugar.

And now to these variants of coffee add to recipes flavors: from milk to orange peel or slices of lemon, and enjoy unique flavours of coffee every day. The main thing now You know how to brew coffee in Turku in different ways.

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