How to brew coffee in Turku

The cooking process:

1. The filtered water.

2. Preheat Turku on low heat. The volume of the coffee maker needs to match the number of servings.

3. Grind coffee beans, pour them into the cezve. A little heated, but without water! If you want to add spices (cinnamon, ginger, etc.), and then add again slightly warmed.

4. Pour the ground coffee with water, placed Turku on low heat and cook. Be sure to stand near the stove, otherwise you can view and your drink will run away.

5. From time to time, stir the coffee, remove the formed foam.

6. Bring coffee to a boil, but do not need to boil!

7. Remove the coffee from the stove. Wait until coffeetec has cooled a bit, and added a slightly lowered.

8. Again put Turku on fire, bring to a boil. I can repeat that for emphasis of the taste and aroma of the drink.

9. Coffee leave for a couple of minutes to cool slightly.

10. Pour cups for your drink boiling water – so they warmed up, otherwise the coffee may lose its original taste.

11. After, pour brewed coffee into cups. You can bring to the table.

Little tricks and tips

The finer ground coffee beans, the better will be your refreshing drink.

In order for your coffee was softer, rich many people add a small pinch of salt to the coffee before it’s brewed.

Norm – 7 grams/60 ml of water (1-2 teaspoons/1 Cup water). More should not be, otherwise the taste will be bitter, and you will hardly enjoy it.

Sugar – binding component of the coffee in the Turk. It contributes to the preservation of foams and slow boiling water.

Can add a little ice water after you mix your drink. Then the grounds will sink to the bottom, and the coffee will have a slightly transparent color.

Coffee for Turks

Often, we choose coffee, guided by their own tastes and preferences. But here too not all so is simple – you need to be able to choose a good and high quality product.

• If you managed to try the grain, and the flavor you like – take your!

• Good coffee has a pleasant smell. Grain that has a light and slightly bitter smell is already spoiled, do not buy this coffee.

• There should be no mold on the beans! They should be identical in size, shape, color, without any chipping.

All these tips will help you cook a healthy and delicious coffee in the Turk. Just fulfilling all the points of how the queue – you will get excellent results!

Bon appetit!

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