How to choose a coffee machine for the home.

Selecting the right coffee machines for home

True coffee connoisseurs who want to enjoy a drink not only in specialized coffee shops, often wonder how to choose a coffee machine for the home . have sufficient functionality and produces a really tasty coffee. In this article we will try to answer frequently asked questions related to the purchase of such devices.

The performance of the machine

This parameter depends on components such as the amount of water and ground coffee, of the power of heating elements. For home use do not chase high performance, paying for it. The power device does not affect palatability, and 20-30 cups a day would be enough for a family of the most avid “coffee people”.

The method of preparation

In coffee machines most commonly used two types of welding:

In the first case, the boiling water slowly flows through the filter and a container of coffee, going in a special kettle. This method of extraction of caffeine and aromatic oils are not very effective and the only real advantage is the lack of need to monitor the process of preparation of the drink.

It is quite another thing – espresso machines . Coffee is made in them with a jet of steam under a certain pressure (from 3 to 20 bar). Before you choose a coffee machine for home, it should be remembered that the higher the applied pressure, the more aromatic and strong get drink, however, and the cost will be commensurate to grow.

Types of coffee drinks

In addition to the usual black coffee machine can weld:

Regular espresso;

Espresso macchiato;



Of particular note is the possibility of preparing cappuccino. This coffee machine is equipped with a special mechanism called cappuccino . beat the milk under the action of steam. Capacitory there are manual and automatic, which affects more on the convenience of preparation, rather than on the sensory properties of the resulting foams.

A method of heating water

Modern coffee machines are equipped with water heating systems are of two types:



The water supply in the storage system by using the boiler tank type. Residual water remain in it and are replenished as needed. This system is quite simple, it impacts on the cost of the device. However, prolonged stagnation of water can affect the taste of the drink.

Flow system is devoid of such shortcomings. If you wish to cook at home really tasty coffee, before you choose a coffee machine for home make sure that it is equipped with flow-through heating system. The machine will only boil the required amount of water and the excess will bring in a special pan. The water will retain its freshness.

The grinder

Millstone coffee machines are manufactured predominantly of steel or ceramic. Ceramic knives are quieter and retain the properties of the ground beans, as it does not heat up during operation. But they are quite fragile and require regular maintenance.

Steel burrs cheaper and more reliable, though, and make enough noise. In modern models of coffee machines install electric actuators, with protection against overheating and damage that almost equalizes the functionality grinders with steel knives and ceramics.

Water filter

If you plan to use running water, and its quality leaves much to be desired – we recommend to pay attention to models with replaceable water filters. They will save the drink from impurity and precipitate. Before you buy a home espresso machine, make sure that the set contains a set of spare filters.

Additional functionality

A separate heating unit for the milk system. Whisk froth from milk get is much faster;

The possibility of refueling as grain and ground coffee ;

Simultaneous preparation of two cups ;

Adjustable dispenser for the preparation of portions of different volumes;

Control coffee strength;

Stand-heater for cups ;

Automatic cleaning system . Eliminates the need to wash the car from accumulated oils hand – just to throw a special tablet and turn on cleaning.

It is clear that the more features the device has, the higher its price. So, what coffee machine to choose for the home and what features it will have, depends entirely on personal preferences and your budget .

The comparison devices

Consider the possibilities of modern coffee machines on the example of two popular models:

The model from Philips is representative of espresso coffee machines. Water tank volume is 1 liter, tank to drain. The device is able to supply steam under pressure of 15 bar. Designed for ground coffee and boiling the mixture in special packages of pads. There is a manual cappuccino and special nozzle. The performance of this machine will be enough for home use with a vengeance. Perhaps the only drawback is the lack of built – in mill.

Powerful coffee machine from Bosch is suitable for those who are looking for what coffee machine to choose for home or small office. Water tank capacity is 1.8 liters, has a function of reducing the water hardness. Coffee is brewed from beans regulator fortress will allow you to pick the optimum percentage of caffeine. Automatic cleaning system and many additional features justify the relatively high price of the machine.


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