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How to brew real coffee

How to brew real coffee?

Five tips on How to brew real coffee from gourmet this drink from Evbar Studio.

The first thing is to understand what a real black coffee may not be soluble

and is prepared only from well-roasted freshly ground coffee beans. To prepare this drink you need to use special dishes. The Turk in the General case is the same special container, which is a small metal ladle, special shape, with wide bottom and usually tapering upward. Can be made of copper, steel or aluminum. The choice of material is not for everybody. However, connoisseurs of coffee drink all converge on the same copper. The fact that this material has a high thermal conductivity, and therefore faster and more evenly warms the beverage.

The manipulations for the preparation of coffee is reduced to bring to a certain extent heat source water and the coffee composition in Turka. Some foodies believe that it is necessary to prepare once, we believe, on the contrary, you need some time to raise the foam.

Thus, General recommendations for the preparation of coffee in the Turk are as follows:

“WATER! The quality of water depends 50% of taste. Water for coffee should be fine, better if it is artesian. It is not recommended to use to defend the water and by no means impossible to take boiled.

– THE AMOUNT OF COFFEE. One tablespoon for a Cup of real coffee. It is a Cup and not a glass, mug or balazko. Important not the colour of the resulting drink, and the taste and culture of drinking.

– HOW TO COOK. To make coffee you need on low heat till the formation of specific coffee film. The solution temperature should be 92-96 degrees (naturally Celsius). You have to manage what to bring to a boil!

– Need to DRINK COFFEE fresh and hot. This drink does not tolerate storage or re-heated. Brewing coffee need a pre-mixed, otherwise all strong drink will stay on the bottom. Try only not to destroy the coffee foam, it is the most tsimus!

– FORTRESS. The longer you simmer, the more the drink is caffeine. Less caffeine in instant coffee.

How to make coffee right?

Think instant coffee is the most divine drink on earth? Your right. But if you want to pass a real coffee lover, it’s time to move on custard varieties.

But it is not enough to choose good coffee. It is important to be able to have and properly prepare it.

So how do you brew the coffee right? Even if you live at a furious pace and often you have to settle for instant coffee, still buy a good home Turku, call your friends and arrange a real coffee party. After all, it’s much more unusual tea ceremony!

First of all it is important to choose the right proportion of coffee and water. Ideally, 100 ml of water requires a minimum of 2 tablespoons powdered mixture. You can make yourself a drink and stronger – it all depends on how you have a strong heart, liver and stomach.

Cooking on a gas stove, you need to maintain a slow fire, and on electric – only mode. The longer the drink is prepared (just make sure that the coffee is in any case not boiling, – will spoil the drink!), the richer will be its taste and aroma.

Remove the coffee from the stove at the moment when it begins to boil.

Add sugar, cream, lemon, cinnamon, milk and other products better in coffee that is removed from the fire and poured into cups.

Now a little about the history of coffee.

According to legend, the tonic properties of coffee were discovered by an Ethiopian shepherd who noticed that his goats, after eating dense leaves and dark red fruits the coffee plant, begin to behave at night excitedly.

He told the Abbot of the monastery, and he decided to try the effect of grains on yourself. The Abbot was astonished by the impact of drink and told me to drink it to fall asleep during night prayers of the monks.

Country-coffee lover

Where in the world drink cups of coffee a day: DENMARK, FINLAND, AUSTRALIA, SWEDEN.

There are plenty of coffee in an unusual way. Here are some of them that are in many coffee menu.

Iced coffee – coffee ice cream.

Latte macchiato – unmixed cappuccino with milk, milk foam and coffee are layers. Served in a tall glass.

Mocha-coffee with the addition of chocolate.

Ristretto strong (7 g coffee in 15-20 ml of water).

CARAMELLINO – the Original coffee. Method of preparation of Caramelito very simple, but the taste can surpass many other recipes.

To do this, heat the milk. In a Cup add a little caramel syrup. Pour the milk, leaving 2 cm from the edge of the glass. Add 60 ml of espresso and zigzag squeeze a layer of whipped cream. On top garnish with caramel syrup. Enjoy yourself and give them to the guests.

Enjoy your coffee.


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