Something about coffee and how to understand it

What determines the QUALITY of the product? Established the manufacturer’s name, method of production or the composition of the product, and can be good marketing?

You never thought about the fact that the products for our

the table chosen not by us but to us they dictate the market, which is in the hands of manufacturers or distributors with substantial marketing budgets.

And do we know the authentic taste of the food, coffee, olive oil, wine, cheese?

And if we try real coffee or wine without chemical additives – we would like their taste? Did it seem like he is too acidic, bitter or tasteless?

there is no established reputation standards, it does not obey the demand of the market or the advice of advertisers – it has its own cycle, the laws of which do not fit into today’s economy. The market should provide a proposal and bring in the money. So when given a bad year, we still drink Chianti wine or coffee Jamaica Puke mountain “is a us manufacturer guarantees” .

For example, such a product as “coffee”, I decided to consider the conceptual approach to quality of production and main criteria of usefulness for the consumer.

When a business becomes huge, or the more multinational the quality is often an afterthought.

So, brands such as Illy, Lavazza, Nescafe – when the legislators were in the coffee business. Company Illy, for example, the first developed and began to produce coffee pads (tablet coffee, standard 7 Gy), thereby patented espresso and making it popular all over the world. The company “Lavazza” ranging from small family enterprises, reached the international level, offering its customers a wide selection of coffee varieties, and to this day is a leader in coffee sales in more than 30 countries. But, still, we had a huge industries, and for small craft enterprises in their product put my heart and soul, culture, craftsmanship, only in this case, this product has a face appears, and so the quality.

So what ensures “QUALITY FROM bean TO CUP” and that can not afford a major manufacturer unlike a small factory?

the FIRST RULE is quality green coffee, which is the original raw material.

Coffee is grown in over 50 countries in the world but the main producers are Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Indonesia. After harvesting and processing the collected grains are entered in the classification on the basis of their quality (ripeness, integrity, defects, cleaning method, etc). Each grain in the classification has a price, the better the grain, or rather, if it had no defects, so it is more expensive. The whole grain harvest goes on sale at the auctions, nothing goes to waste, because for each there is a buyer. Therefore, you shouldn’t pay attention to the size of coffee beans, for example, there is a misconception that the more grain, the better it is, better or Arabica Robusta, that’s not the point! Is Robusta, which is worth many times the price of Arabica beans, or small grain is classified higher than the largest grain size. What is more important, that they were not pregnil (as grew close to the ground and eat insects), or what size they are? This implies that the grain size does not matter and is not important from which country it is imported, because everywhere there are bad harvests, this is not important for your health.

the SECOND RULE is the quality of the roast.

the First coffee roaster in the world is Italy. This country has achieved in this incomparable skill, and all due to the fact that the Italians love this divine drink coffee. On the market coffee manufacturers from other countries – Switzerland, Germany, France and even Russia. But allow each to do their job…

dark roast allows you to hide the defects in the original green coffee beans. Roasting, you can adjust the flavor, taste, density, degree of caffeine. Small businesses are roasted coffee in the traditional way, preserved from ancient times, where each coffee is roasted separately on a low heat for 20 minutes, and then different varieties of Arabica and Robusta beans blended to create a unique coffee flavor. Large manufacturers can’t afford that luxury and used industrial roasting, which takes about 6-7 minutes, all varieties are roasted together and then Packed in bags. Bringing the taste loses its individuality and exclusivity.

the THIRD RULE is coffee is a natural product.

It is incompatible with plastic caps, because when heated, the heat exchanges, and particles of the plastic surface are mixed with hot coffee and get straight into the mug. Coffee capsule is made on the principle that the cheaper and easier to manufacture, the better. And also, the coffee capsules are not compressed, which is contrary to the basic principles of espresso. The alternative is coffee pads, which is packaged in a special filtered paper that is more environmentally friendly.

And second, natural coffee with scented and flavored, is the fruit of human ingenuity, not of nature. It’s not natural supplements. It may be tastier and more fun, but given the taste and aroma only at the expense of chemical additives.

How do you determine the quality of the coffee?

to Listen to their feelings after the Cup of coffee and evaluate market opportunities based on the criterion of usefulness to humans. Quality coffee does not cause the following effects – palpitations, heartburn, discomfort in the mouth, dizziness. These sensations are a symptom of a defective product you have used, while good coffee is poured into the sky balanced taste – a bit of bitterness, sourness, sweetness and salt. On the tip of your tongue we feel the salt in the depth in the larynx we feel sweet bitterness, on the edge of language from two sides acidity is balanced coffee flavor. He must not be weak, soft or watery – it is rather a sign of a faulty coffee.

If you decided to have a Cup of coffee, enjoy its rich taste, it is the inherent nature.

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