Recipes for coffee

Recipes for coffee

Long time ago I promised my friend Pinta_Whisky . I would try and get in one of Lviv cafes coffee with cheese and tell her what kind of a beast. Alas-alas! Until I got to this salivating cafe, this recipe from the menu was removed. Maybe it was complete nonsense? Huh?

But instead I want to suggest few coffee recipes that will not only tone up and have fun, but also useful for health.

Cinnamon. If you have hypertension, and doctors are forbidden to drink coffee, it is possible to cheat a little and add in a little Cup of cinnamon. It is generally known that the spice cinnamon reduces blood pressure. And coffee get treatment.

Finely ground coffee, pour cold water, bring to a boil but do not stir. As soon as the foam begins to rise, Turku remove from heat. So done three times. Before use, drain and add cinnamon.

And in winter you can afford coffee with pepper – take 4 tsp of ground coffee, black pepper on the tip of a knife and a few grains of pepper of Chile. Pour 200 ml water, three times to warm up, as in the previous recipe. Coffee should nip the tongue, a teaspoon of butter will smooth the sharpness. But if you are counting every calorie eaten, then make a Cup of coffee with a small amount of brown sugar and a pinch of sea salt. This drink is quite refreshing, so it’s best to drink it in the morning.

We already know that coffee with cinnamon stabilizes the pressure, but the nutmeg adds energy. Coffee with cardamom makes men indefatigable in love, crushed cocoa beans will awaken your senses, and chicory will help to Wake up in the morning. Besides, it stimulates the heart. Ginger will boost your immunity and help you to focus, because it activates the brain cells.

And in the midst of the ARD forces and the immune system will increase coffee with egg . It should be drunk before dinner – whisk one egg yolk in a glass with 2 tsp of powdered sugar, add the warm milk. The mixture is immediately poured into a Cup of hot strong coffee.

White coffee . Italian recipe. A little cinnamon to add to freshly brewed black coffee, pour the same amount of hot milk. Immediately drink not stirred.

As for men will become unbeatable recipe intoxicating coffee with wine . Per Cup brewed black coffee to take 20 gr. any fruit syrup, 2 tsp sugar and half a Cup of natural home-made wine, a little less water and the juice of half a lemon. This drink still and vessels perfectly clean. Drink it chilled. In each glass put a piece of ice and a few mint leaves.

Fiery coffee . Finely chop the zest of lemon and orange in an enamel pot, add 5 pieces of cloves, a pinch of cinnamon and 20 sugar the Secret of this recipe is that the sugar and the spices need to pour over the brandy and ignite. Burning the mixture to fill a strong, hot, black coffee, about 4 full cups. Hot drink strain into cups. Tasty and healthy!

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