Recipes of coffee in the coffee machine

Recipes of coffee in the coffee machine

Just fine, if You have the opportunity, as in the morning to make a fresh pot of coffee, using Turku. However, not everyone has the Turk. Today is a special popularity got the machine. And be it coffee machines Jura. Bosch or Leran, coffee made with their help is almost no way inferior coffee in Turku, but the time spent on cooking is much less.

At the present time recipes coffee using the coffee machine is great enough. So we decided to offer some of them.

The recipe for espresso.

The standard portions of the coffee volume is 70 ml. To weld such portion need 7 grams of ground coffee. While sugar should be added to taste.

The recipe for “Macchiato”.

Coffee “Macchiato” is a strong coffee with milk. To simple espresso need to add a small amount of hot milk with milk foam. This drink was called “Macchiatto” due to its original form.

The recipe for “the Latte macciatto”.

To brew this coffee need a glass of milk foam and hot. In such milk need to add espresso. Penke remains a spot of coffee.

The recipe for making “Cappuccino”.

Cappuccino is fresh coffee under the so-called cover. In classic Italian form of cappuccino brewed using espresso. This adds milk and milk foam. Cappuccino never served with whipped cream. Exclusively with the milk foam. Milk foam quite often sprinkled with cocoa.

The recipe for “Carrot coffee”.

To prepare carrot coffee is already ready espresso, milk, carrot juice and vanilla syrup. Directly in the coffee machine brewed espresso, then add syrup and carrot juice. This coffee will taste better if You cook carrot juice themselves when using the juicer.

Each shows a case of coffee the result is very tasty and flavorful.

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