Coffee brewing Methods

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Old recipes:

Classic coffee recipes:

Coffee is an integral part of the Arab world, and the ceremony of preparation and consumption of this drink is an important ritual that has survived to our days almost intact, if we brew coffee in a copper cezve (also known as “the cezve”). Important . the grind should be very fine. The cups should be pre-warmed, because the cold Cup can kill the best coffee. Water in any case should not be hot or boiled.

All recipes are made at the rate of 7 grams per 60 ml of water or a little more (about a heaping teaspoon per small Cup).

Arabian coffee

In cezve put one sugar, pour 3/4 of the capacity of cold water, put on fire. Once the contents come to a boil, cezve remove from heat and add 5-7 grams of finely ground coffee (best to grind coffee beans immediately before cooking). After stirring with a spoon, put on the heat again and bring to the boil. Remove from heat, add the water and again put on the fire. Once the coffee is boiling, cezve remove from heat and hot served.

Turkish coffee

This option is also called “Oriental coffee”. In a small cezve add 5- 10 g of finely ground coffee, fill with fresh cold water and bring to the boil. After boiling served to the table. Separately, served in glasses of cold water. Coffee drink in small SIPS with water.

Make coffee in the Turk as in the recipe for Turkish coffee . During cooking, when the water in the cezve is already hot, add the saffron and cardamom seeds (Cardamom and saffron – half tsp. Spoons). Let stand, it is important to remove the cardamom, so as not to spoil the taste of the drink. Serve as regular coffee.

Other coffee recipes:

French white coffee

Pour in a Cup in the same amount of hot black coffee and hot milk. Sugar – to taste.

Italian white coffee

Prepare the same way as French white coffee, with the difference that on the tip of a knife, add very finely ground cinnamon. Served with small pieces of sugar.

Irish coffee

In a Cup put 2-3 sugar cubes, pour hot strong black coffee. Put some cream or sour cream.

A refreshing drink made from very strong black coffee, with the addition of ice. A strong infusion of black coffee cooled and mixed with water, sugar and crushed ice. Also possible that in the drink add the brandy or liqueur. Served in a tall glass, very cold, with ice and a slice of lemon. In a glass put a straw. Cold strong coffee -40 g, lemon -1/5 PCs. sparkling water – 100-150 g; sugar “15”20 g.

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