The book How to make coffee 68 recipes

Book: How to make coffee: 68 recipes


From the Arabic “kahwa”. Is a grain of the coffee tree, rich in aromatic substances and alkaloids, mainly the caffeine. Homeland — South Arabia (Yemen) and Ethiopia. Currently there are over a hundred varieties of coffee.

top grade coffee different strong infusion and aroma.

Coffee has a long history. In Europe it is extremely valued up to XVIII century. Later coffee attributed to the number of harmful drinks and only in the XX century coffee again became popular.

Coffee is a traditional hot drink in Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Algeria, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, India, Finland, Denmark, Latin America, USA.

Coffee is consumed sparingly or not at all used in England, Hungary, China, Mongolia, Japan.

In the dictionary by V. dal we read “Coffee napitkov”, “Prod-“woof” meant “wholesome” and “nutritious”. Therefore, in the nineteenth century never told that coffee and cocoa drink — they always “occasinaly”.

“It will allow to taste the coffee” — we find in the works of Gogol, Ostrovsky, Goncharova.

In the Arab Magritte (Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco) coffee, known to the Arabs since the IX century through Arab doctor Rises, became widespread in the fifteenth century, after the annexation to the Ottoman Empire. Method of preparing coffee magrebine adopted from the Turks. It has a very large fortress and strong aroma. According to custom, it should be “black as night, hot as hell, sweet as love.” Don’t drink, “suck”, leaving the sediment at the bottom of the Cup. Drank some coffee and usually drink a SIP of water.

currently coffee is diluted in all the tropical countries of the Old and New world, where the average summer temperature is 14.5° C. the First sample grown coffee produced by the Dutch in Java in 1650 Yves Surinam in 1718 the First shipment Javanese coffee came to Holland in 1719 coffee tree begins to bear fruit in the third year, but rarely lasts for more than 12 years. Blooms and bears fruit throughout the entire year, but the main charges occur in spring and autumn. Another type of coffee opened in 1911 in West Africa (Sierra Leon, Angola). It is distinguished by its round leaves and much larger fruits.

For cleanse coffee beans from the pulp and membranes using different techniques, depending on allowed to sell perfectly ripe fruit (best varieties), or not quite fully ripe. Beans coffee or go on sale, or leave them for a few years in a cool, well-ventilated areas. Moreover, the weight of coffee then significantly reduced, but williamsis coffee benefits greatly in quality, acquires after frying especially strong and pleasant aroma.

Sometimes there are attempts of falsification of coffee as compared to the raw beans and roasted coffee.

the Usefulness or harmfulness of coffee depends on how it is cooked. The proportion of harmful diseases increases with increased heating coffee and especially when it copaceni. Drink coffee with milk or cream began only in the late XVIII — early XIX century.

In the East never drank coffee with milk, believing it to be harmful and spoiling its taste.

coffee use the coffee pot (preferably enameled), special pan with a long handle — “the Turks” (preferably of copper or silver, but not alloys) and various glass machines, coffee makers, which are designed so that water should pour in one tank and ground coffee to put in another. You can prepare a good coffee and in a special clay or porcelain vessel (consisting of two parts separated by the mesh). There are many recipes for coffee drinks, some of which You will meet in this edition.

Increasingly, the falsification of the sale, which consists in mixing to expensive cheaper varieties, with the aim profitable for traders of increasing the weight of the beans, the last time toasting sprayed with vaseline, tile sugar, etc. The purpose of zamaskirovana spoiled beans, shake them with lead balls or stained, often harmful colorants.


1. Black coffee.

To prepare black coffee is recommended to use only organic coffee of good quality. You can interfere with the coffees. Grain of the green coffee roasted and ground just before cooking. When roasting coffee beans need to pay attention to the fact” that the coffee doesn’t burn, and the color it should be chestnut brown. Usually prepared from 4 tsp coffee portion, a double portion prepared by combining 8 grams. If it is desirable to prepare a better, stronger coffee, it is necessary to increase the dosage by 5 or 10 grams.

Coffee is not brewed, and brewed with boiling water as tea. Coffee should be prepared immediately before serving, serve hot.

This drink is served after eating at picnics or afternoon at the cottage. Over a Cup of coffee, very strong and hot, keep a teaspoon, which had previously put a lump of sugar. Pour sugar chilled brandy and light it. When the flame goes out, pour the contents of the spoon into the Cup and carefully stir. Can also add a pinch of cinnamon (to taste).

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